Wargaming & Modelling

Like many wargamers and model makers I seem to accrue items that never get built, or painted. So, I wondered how could I get through this backlog of goodies? Along with my penchant for dragons and looking at the night sky I decided that the Draco constellation would be perfect to put all my soldiers to good use. Now, I can have my ancient Chinese soldiers fighting WWI soldiers, or alongside Elves, or counter-attacking in the American Civil War. Whatever took my fancy that day.


So, dig out your Airfix, don't forget your ESCI, Redbox, Caesar and Hat figures - they can all be used. Soon I will add my own rules system. It's meant to be simple to use so please pass on any feedback. My son and I use it so he can have some space figures playing against my fantasy or historical figures. I am into Ancient Egyptians at the moment. The purpose of my rules and the whole tenet is to ensure that any of the "Kingdoms" can fight against any of the others. They just step through the portals and away we go.


Come on, let's play!