Enter the worlds of the Dragon Kingdoms

Story 1 

Drake Lure is restless

Drake Lure looked out of his castle top window and over the city of Monstronia. He thought back to when he had first arrived here as a young vampire - oh, at least five hundred years ago now. It had been a time of hard learning and rapid advancement for those who could adjust in time. For those who couldn't, well, best not to dwell too much on them. And here he was Master Lord of all Al-Anhaken.

So why didn't he feel contented? Perhaps it was the continuous wars with the other systems, perhaps it was the in-fighting between his fellow Al-Anhakian monsters, perhaps it was always having to check your back from those who you thought were your friends, or perhaps it was tomorrow when Soultooth - the Al-Anhakian dragon  - descended for her once a month visit.

Drake turned before the knock on the door sounded. Vampire hearing was good and his faithful retainer - Goldblood - was not adverse to sneaking up on his master to keep Drake on his toes. Who knows where the shadows of deceit lurk; he had been assassinated twice in the past sixty years and fourteen times in the previous four hundred plus before that. The thing is it's difficult to catch a vampire unawares and Drake was always lucky enough to escape these assassinations by virtue of Goldblood's...ah, hum! Well, blood. For Goldblood has that one in a million gene that is a saviour to vampires, namely HHH, or Goldblood, which is the one type of blood that will resurrect a vampire from any (im)mortal injury. And that is why Drake kept Goldblood on such a short leash as all the vampires in Monstronia, let alone Al-Anhaken or the outer systems, wanted Goldblood's blood as much as Goldblood wanted to keep it. And that is why he would taste of his master once a month to extend his mortal life to now over four hundred and twenty four years.

But Goldblood was - at long last - dying. And Drake would actually miss him. Not just because of the blood but also because he was the one person that Drake could trust and confide in. And that is what made Drake the most restless. These final days were dragging out and other vampires were lining up to drink one last drop out of Goldblood. For each drop would increase their power exponentially. And every bit of power was what every vampire wanted. But Drake had other plans for that blood. He had heard of a Perll scientist named T'toth of the Clan Dia who could store blood indefinitely. For the Perll were always looking of ways to make their technology pay - and blood was the number one trading commodity between the Perll and Al-Anhaken. Whereas the Al-Anhakians had mythril to spare which was what drove the inception devices that in turn drove the portals and the space drives of the Perll's fleet.