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These are the tales of the Dragon Kingdoms. In the constellation of Draco there are fifteen systems. Each system is ruled by a dragon family. In each system are people of different ideas and cultures but with one basic principle alike. That is, to rule the whole constellation and to find the mythical system of Mythril. These are the tales of those people and the dragons that rule them. Be prepared for a magnificent spectacle lasting millennia. Come and join us as we see how these people learn to live (and die) side by side. Be prepared for dragons!! Welcome to the Dragon Kingdoms. Here is our tale.

Of course, with all that in mind we better have a really good back story. So pop on over to the World Building section and 'gen' up on some of the history and background of the different people and worlds and don't forget those dragons!

...and more.

If you like World Building fantasy then this is the website for you. If you like wargaming - with a difference - then this is the site for you. If you like making models and painting them then this is the site for you. In fact, this site covers many topics but mainly to do with dragons. Hence the title. Did you ever wonder if Ancient Romans had fought Ming Dynasty Chinese what the outcome would have been like. Did you ever think that WWI trench warfare could ever wargame Napoleonics?

Well, now you can dig out those old 1/72 soldiers, get painting, make some wonderful scenery and models and get them fighting each other.

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Let me introduce you to the Draco Constellation and the solar systems that inhabit it - and who fits in where.

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Let me introduce the Dragons - what the whole idea started from...and what they are really like.

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Fight using all your Airfix, Hat, & Esci models along with  other companies.

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Let's build - using trash from around the house through to 3D printing.

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What we will see in the next few months

Coming Soon...

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