Plastic Soldiers

Howdy y'all. I am the Colonel and it's my privilege to talk about soldiering. So, dig out your Airfix, don't forget your ESCI, Redbox, Caesar and Hat figures - they can all be used. Soon I will add my own rules system. It's meant to be simple to use so please pass on any feedback. My son and I use it so he can have some space figures playing against my fantasy or historical figures. I am into Ancient Egyptians at the moment. The purpose of my rules and the whole tenet is to ensure that any of the "Kingdoms" can fight against any of the others. They just step through the portals and away we go.

Model Making

Battleboards, Conveyancers, guns and more and how to put them all together. to make a realistic wargame between differing time soldiers. The first article is about paints and how to mix them. I usually use acrylics from Citadel (Games Workshop) as they are the richest and we have a store in Shanghai. I will try Army Painter when I am back home in blighty as they seem to be just as good a quality. I also use many websites to put together things for my worlds. I have just completed my first 3D origami dragon. Tentatively, it is looking good. So once it is dry I will take a few snaps and post them here. Any, and all, ideas for laying out buildings, or worlds in a different manner BUT most importantly, in a cheap fashion - will be greatly received.

World Building

Dragons, Worlds, Background and History, Characters, Stories and the Future. I will have twelve major planets and have a lot of work to go through in setting these up correctly. Basically, I have chosen my twelve systems in regards to the figures I like to play wargames with so that I can use the figures I already have. I will put together an Excel sheet for download. I have all the worlds I am just trying to make it look pretty so it's easy to use and handy to keep as well.

Da' Blog

Visit our blog for all the daily, weekly, and long-term updates. There you can add your stories, advice, pictures, or general ideas for the Dragon Kingdoms universe.

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About the site

If you like World Building fantasy then this is the website for you. If you like wargaming - with a difference - then this is the site for you. If you like making models and painting them then this is the site for you. In fact, this site covers many topics but mainly to do with dragons. Hence the title. Did you ever wonder if Ancient Romans could have fought Ming Dynasty Chinese what the outcome would have been like. Did you ever think that WWI trench warfare could ever wargame Napoleanics? Well, now you can dig out those old 1/72 soldiers, get painting, make some wonderful scenery and models and get them fighting each other.

These are the tales of the Dragon Kingdoms. In the constellation of Draco there are fifteen systems. Each system is ruled by a dragon family. In each system are people of different ideas and cultures but with one basic principle alike. That is, to rule the whole constellation and to find the mythical system of Mythril. These are the tales of those people and the dragons that rule them. Be prepared for a magnificent spectacle lasting millennia. Come and join us as we see how these people learn to live (and die) side by side. Be prepared for dragons!! Welcome to the Dragon Kingdoms. Here is our tale.

Of course, with all that in mind we better have a really good back story. So pop on over to the World Building section and 'gen' up on some of the history and background of the different people and worlds and don't forget those dragons!

Good reading.

Richard Jones